Artist Biography

Originally from Canada, Adam and his wife and two (soon three) children now call Adelaide home. Adam's artistic pursuit has always been through photography - Growing up with a father who was an avid photographer with a darkroom in the basement meant that the seeds for his passion were sewn early.  Adam recently retired from his career as a Strategy and Management Consultant, to focus on his art and raising a young family with his wife.

Adam has won many photographic art shows and prizes

Adam is represented through two local galleries: De La Liff in Rundle Mall as well as, Firgun and Fiire in Largs Bay.


Artists Statement

Nothing is real, except this moment.

I use the camera as a way of forcing myself into a moment, to become hypersensitive…to see and feel the beauty around me, the infinitesimal details and and infinite complexity of the place and time. A moment of Zen. Time slows and my awareness grows, with this so does my emotional self.

I’m fascinated and in awe of the rhythms, patterns and details in nature, but I’m beginning to play with the concepts of the human experience and our malleable existence and experience. My art reflects, not only what a saw, but how I felt. I use a mixture of literal, abstract, and illustrative photography techniques, including alternative capture techniques to accomplish this.